What is WEB3.0? | How To Find Profitable Web3.0 Projects/coins?

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Let’s start with a question. Are you ready to enter the new world of the internet? If Yes! then, you must know this basic information about the upcoming internet era i.e. WEB 3.0. It’s not only a revolutionary project, but WEB3.0 has almost all solutions to the current problem raised due to the internet. Like, data insecurity, lack of total control and personalization, etc.

WEB3.0 and Crypto Currency relations :

Just like, we use our currency to use the current internet i.e. WEB2.0. Similarly, WEB 3.0 which is based on blockchain technology uses different cryptocurrencies as a transaction source. That’s why with growth in Web3.0, we’ll witness a sudden boom in 10 different cryptocurrencies and projects related to web 3.0.

Web3.0 meaning :

Web3.0 is a blockchain-based new form of the internet that will completely change our way to access the internet. With better speed, security, specification, and personalization, WEB3.0 will provide new ways of earning to internet users as well. Interesting!!!

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Types of WEB? Evolution of WEB?

Before entering into the advantages and future projects of WEB3.0. We must be familiar with the history of different WEBs and how they evolved with time. So basically, there are 3 stages or types of WEBs –

  • WEB1.0 (1990 – 2004)
  • WEB2.0 (2004 – Present)
  • WEB3.0 (Emplimenting Soon)

What is WEB1.0?

In the early 1990s, when the internet has just been introduced to the world. At that time, the internet supports only one-way interaction. For example, the websites were just static web pages having some information but doesn’t offer any feature of feedback, commenting, interaction, etc. This era of WEB 1.0 was lasts up to 2004.

How WEB2.0 Started?

In 2004, when different social media websites, apps, portals, etc. came into the picture. The new era of the internet i.e. web2.0 started. Because, the main drawback of web1.0 was one-way communication, and web2.0 effectively solved that problem.

Web services of WEB2.0 like social media and others, not just provide a channel to grab information but also facilitate responding and interacting with others. But, WEB2.0 comes into the market with some disadvantages. Like, nowadays the data of internet users are not that much safe, even the user doesn’t have 100% control over his preferences over the internet.

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WEB2.0 vs WEB3.0 :

To overcome the negative side of WEB2.0, this third stage of internet is going to be introduced soon. In web2.0, as the browsers store the cookies, personal information, and interests of the users and use this details to generate revenue, by selling the data and many more.

But, in WEB3.0 total controls will be in your hands. As the WEB3.0 is based on blockchain, which is the most emerging and safe technology. Nobody has to face the problem of data breaching, hacking, and stealing of data. Moreover, the earning opportunities for both creators and consumers will increase. For example : if you are reading any article and if there are ads placed between the article then you (reader) and creator, both will get rewards in the form of cryptocurrency.

Web3.0 crypto projects and coins:

After getting informed about “What is web3.0?” and its earning opportunities you must be aware of the different projects and crypto coins related or working within the field of web3.0. There are a wide range of web3.0 projects and coins on the internet. But, we have shortlisted “Top 10 WEB3.0 Projects and cryprocurrencies” which will prove a multibagger for their early investors.

So, instead of just observing the growth of WEB3.0, be a early investor and gains a huge profit. Because, according to some experts the trend of WEB 3.0 will be much greater then Metaverse. So, this signal is enough to be a part of web3.0 as a investor.

Web3.0 coins list :

Now let’s move to the list of “Top 10 WEB3.0 Projects and cryprocurrencies” having potential of 10X- 100X profit. As soon as the trend of web3.0 start, these coin will show a massive growth in their prices. Even some of the coin has a current value of less then 1$, so just imagine what kind of profit you can make. So the most profitable cryptocurrency and projects of web3.0 are as follows :-

Coin NamesSymbols
Ocean ProtocolOCEAN
Internet ComputerICP
The GraphGRT

Web3.0 apps and Browsers :

As we discussed, the trend of web3.0 will start soon. But, currently there are some platforms which are working on web3.0 and available for normal user. So, by using them you not just take a overview of web3, but can also earn cryptocurrency.

Some example of web3.0 apps, website, browsers are :

Social NetworksSapien
Breaker Browser

Conclusion :

So, i hope guys you got some valuable information about WEB3.0 and some of the upcoming projects of WEB3.0 and crypto coins. Just invest with the trend and many of the upcoming projects in this sector have potential to give 10x to 100x returns.


All the coins/cryptocurrency or tokens discussed or reviewed by us are based on our research and data available on some renowned websites like – coinmarketcap, coingecko, etc. We also consider the data available on the official website of a particular project or coin. So, our data may change according to the available information and trends.

As the Cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. So, do your own research before investing in any project or coin because in the end, profit and loss both will be yours.

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